Wednesday, May 7, 2014

KORAFLORA on Etsy! Pretty, pretty things that could be YOURS.

Greetings, all! 
I just lowered some of the prices on the most delicious vintage items in my Etsy shop! Check out these and my other items at KORAFLORA Vintage  
I've reduced prices on the following items. 
Vintage Mexican embroidered wool jacket

 1950's crepe and silk panier cocktail dress

 Late 60's boho gown with velvet bodice

 INCREDIBLE 1930's bakelite cameo neckace

70's senorita flamenco Bradley Doll

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Etsy items!

Greetings, Friends!
Long time, no see. I've been at sea searching for the lost caves of the ancient Wawa Nana people.
Our journey proved fruitless, but we ate some really lovely mangoes and gave rides to five hitchhiking sharks, respectively.

Hey, are my pants on fire? Anyway, I'm back on the wagon (until my next quest) and ready to share 
my latest vintage treats up for grabs in my Etsy shop!

This adorable 1960's pop art sweater vest 
featuring flapper girl profiles flanked by the word "Vogue".

This amazing 1940's black wool Mexican jacket 
featuring colorful floral embroidery.

Oh my! This jaw dropping 1950's black cocktail dress
with billowing panier pockets. 

Just a few of the items I have listed in my Etsy shop. 
Stop in for a look. Stay for tea.