Monday, June 18, 2012

Under The Boardwalk, Gown By The Sea

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If you're fortunate enough, you know the experience of taking a dip in the ocean on a warm summer day. In most places, though quite fun, it isn't exactly as serene as one may think. Turbulent waters sloshing all around your body, pushing you to and fro. Waves crashing onto your head, taking accidental gulps of salty water, often through your nose. You've gotta be somewhat strong and nimble to take on the mighty ocean. 

Now imagine taking on this sea-bullying in a multi-layer WOOL dress, billowing knee length pantaloons, and stockings, all of which are trimmed in ribbons and lace. Oh, and let's not forget the weights sewn into the hems as to avoid the lifting of the skirt as one entered the water. Sexy. This was the reality of the Victorian lady swimmer. How in the world did the poor dears not sink?

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The rigid Victorian fashion guidelines for women are over a hundred years behind us. The swimwear donned by the woman of today leaves less to the imagination than even the skimpiest victorian undergarments! Still, I can't help but feel such a need to own one of these whimsical, archaic swimming ensembles. Only instead of taking it out to sea, (did I mention they were made of wool?) I would love to wear this nautical number out and about. Perhaps on a brisk autumn day, a cool evening stroll on the Santa Monica Pier, or maybe out in the front yard to build a snowman in a blizzard. (again, wool.)

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While I could never imagine swimming in one of these babies, if you're fortunate enough to find one in good condition, why not bring it back to life as a super cute day time fall ensemble? 

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Or not. Either way, wouldn't you just love to own one?
As for these gents...

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Let's talk about that another day.

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